1 Corinthians 4:1-13

(1 Corinthians 4:1-13) – The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness

There is indeed a standard for the servants of God. Paul mentions early that one who stewards the mysteries of God must be trustworthy.

But how does one come to be found as such?

Many people look for their approval among men, and others look for it in their own hearts by self-justifying.

Paul looked for it from the Lord, and in Christ he knew that the eternal Judge had already made His decision about him. He was and always will be approved in Christ.

Because of this eternal status before God, Paul says that it now becomes a very small thing that he would be examined by human courts or opinions.

In short, God’s opinion was supreme to him. Both in the eternal sense and in his daily dealings.

He shares a good principle based on a key truth. Don’t make a final judgment before the allotted time. God will reveal the motivations of our hearts one day and will uncover the nature of what we’ve done.

Because of that, we can do our best to figure out the hearts of men, but our judgments are limited. We can’t see what God sees.

Don’t get flustered by the opinions of man. God’s final word reigns over our lives. Make sure you are right with God and are walking with Him, and live in the freedom of the saving grace that is yours in Christ.

The best place for us to be is a place of total focus on the Lord, not hyper-analyzing ourselves as if a judgment awaits us to decide our eternal standing.

If you belong to Jesus, the court is out. Jesus declares, “It is finished!”


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