Looking unto Jesus

The only way for me to remain fixated on the mission of God is to look intently upon the God of mission.

The immensity of the sovereignty of this eternal King plunges into the depths of my flawed intellectual understanding and confounds my greatest attempts at explanation. No longer will I, or can I for that matter, cling to the conjured up image of God projected in my own mind. Any endeavor to define Almighty God apart from the Holy Scripture of God is one that will ultimately end in idolatry. He is much too great for me to understand…I mustn’t limit Him.

In order for me to remain fixated on the mission of God, I must know the real God of mission. Times will soon be upon us, if they haven’t already, that bring us to wonder or even doubt whether or not the Lord of all creation knows what’s going on. We cry out to God with hearts of desperation, begging for some sign of His presence in the midst of our pain. All the while, He gently and diligently comforts us with the truth that all things are working together not just for our good, but for the fulfillment of His ultimate purpose for us: conformity to the image of Christ. This does not necessarily mean that all things are good, for some events brought about are done with the utmost of evil intentions. Satan writhes with passionate disdain towards God’s beloved children, foolishly seeking to thwart the plan of God. In so doing, he decapitates himself, for our mighty King is the Master of making beauty out of ashes.

Child of God, the reality of your tribulation is that it is producing in you an eternal weight of glory that is beyond all comparison. Every infinitesimal nanosecond that passes over the scope of eternity is graciously used to scalp and mold the infirmity and shame that once bound you. The intention of the enemy is to steal your gaze from the beautiful Savior and wickedly turn it unto himself . Resist him, stand firm in your faith, keep your eyes on Jesus. Eternal life is yours, abundant life is waiting.


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