1 Corinthians 7:10-24

(1 Corinthians 7:10-24) – Maximizing your position

Paul calls on the people in the church to live the life that God has called them to live. Their primary focus in all things was to be the Lord and His commandments, not the things of man.

In this passage, we see Paul encouraging people to remain in the spot they were in when they were first called. This does not mean that someone who gets saved while single is stuck that way.

What He’s getting at here is that it is good for us to not focus on outward circumstances as much as we focus leveraging our position for the Lord.

Wherever you are, make the most of where God has put you and serve Him faithfully.

If that’s as a slave, live faithfully as a free person in Christ. Don’t worry about getting free circumstantially…If the Lord brings that up, do it, but don’t make that your life’s mission.

If that’s as a free person, live faithfully as a bondservant of Christ. Sacrifice some of your freedoms to serve others, because your freedom is really a platform to freely serve and give your life for the least of these.

If the Lord gives you opportunities to enjoy your freedom, don’t push that away all the time. Receive that gift from God, but don’t make vacation your life’s mission. That’s not what you’re here for.

If that’s as a single person, live faithfully as someone who is free to serve Christ without the extra responsibilities. Don’t worry about getting married…If the Lord moves in that direction, great, but don’t make that your life’s mission.

And if that’s as a married person, live faithfully as a spouse committed to displaying the Gospel in your marriage. Don’t focus on the things you can’t do because you’re married. Make Jesus famous in the midst of your marriage.

Make your mission serving Christ. God puts us where we are for a reason.

To God, it doesn’t matter whether you are single or married. What He really cares about is the state of our hearts.


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