1 Corinthians 7:25-40

(1 Corinthians 7:25-40) – For the form of this present world is passing away.

Paul’s primary goal for the believers in this church was to increase their joy in the Lord. He wished for them to experience a relationship with Jesus that was undistracted in devotion.

He wasn’t anti-marriage, he was just pro-focus-on-Jesus.

It’s apparent that marriage was becoming a point of distraction from God for several people in the church. They were getting caught up in their earthly concerns.

The main reason for writing this section was to help the believers understand that because this present world is passing away, their focus and attention shouldn’t be on things that are connected to this present world.

Earthly resources are temporal, purchased goods are temporal. Earthly emotion is temporal. And yes, even marriage is temporal.

None of these things are intrinsically evil, but they definitely should not be the point of our lives.

The Lord deserves undistracted devotion, and even if we are married, we can shine the light of the Gospel in our marriages through faithful service and stewardship.
We are citizens of heaven. So, let’s make sure our priorities are rightly aligned with that identity.


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