1 Corinthians 8

(1 Corinthians 8) – The use of liberty.

Remember that an overarching theme at this point in the letter is Paul’s teaching of how believers should be using their freedom in Christ.

He’s also spending time correcting the various deviations from this truth.

In this case, he was seeing several of the believers use their freedom to puff themselves up.

They were taking their knowledge of idols and living in light of those realities. That wasn’t the problem.

The problem came when they gave no regard or consideration for the younger believers who were still growing in that area.

It was causing them to fall.

Instead, what the Lord wanted was for the love of Christ to saturate their hearts and extend to building others up.

The point of their life had become more about their “right” to live freely than it was about their sacrificial living for the Lord and others.

Because I am only still here on Earth to serve my Lord and those He brings before me, I must be willing to lay down my freedoms at a moment’s notice for the sake of others.

If I am not, I am not living as one who is convinced that others need God’s grace as much as they do. I am living as if I’ve never experienced that grace.

In one sense, it is about what others think, especially if what others think is causing them to see sin and grace in an improper light.

I must purpose never to do anything that would cause a sibling in Christ to sin.


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