1 Corinthians 11:11-22

(1 Corinthians 11:11-22) – Order in the Church.

Paul’s completion of the discussion on head coverings reveals several key things…

– Paul is a firm believer in the equality of importance of the sexes. God made both male and female in His image and both are equally beautiful to Him. (11-12)

– Men and Women, by nature, have some obvious and distinct differences. These should not be diluted in the body of Christ, but should be celebrated! (14-15a)

– Where culture dictates, it is appropriate for a woman’s long hair to be used “instead of” (GK anti) or “for the purpose of” (sense of the word) a covering. It’s is God’s natural covering given to her. (15b)

– At some point, you just have to understand that certain people love being contentious and won’t listen no matter how rational and “well-put-together” your argument is. (16)

– In such cases, you make it clear what they’re saying by being contentious and let God work in their hearts. We can’t change people. (16) 

Paul then begins to move toward the discussion of the Lord’s supper, and here is where we see the theme of human wisdom and godly wisdom reappear.

Human wisdom creates disorder in God’s family. James 3 tells us that wherever “factions” (discord) exists, human wisdom abounds.

The God of order can’t also be the catalyst for chaos.

Godly wisdom brings you to a point of understanding that order is critical to the success of a living organism bent on growth, change, and influence.

You shouldn’t just do whatever you want…because what YOU want (sometimes) will kill you and hurt others. Not cool.

Abusing God’s sacred ordinances for selfish desires is a sure way of ruining your testimony with unbelievers.

We need to consider what messages our actions are communicating to the world around us.

A message we always want to send is that God is honored among us and that we love Him most of all.


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