1 Corinthians 15:1-11

(1 Corinthians 15:1-11) – The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As Paul begins to close out this letter, he shifts the discussion to the most important topic covered yet, the Gospel of Jesus.

More specifically, the resurrection of Christ.

There were deviations from the truth that were being espoused and spread throughout the church, and Paul sees the need to set the record straight.

It seems that the resurrection wasn’t intellectually palatable to some of the believers there. The miraculous nature of the event was too much for them to rationally reconcile.

So the first thought was that it just didn’t happen, and Paul logically and historically refutes that in these verses.

The first point is an appeal to the whole counsel of God. Those refuting the resurrection must be consistent and refute the rest of God’s word because God Himself believes in the resurrection (it was according to the Scriptures).

If He’s wrong there, He’s wrong everywhere. You can’t pick and choose which parts of the Bible you will or won’t believe in. 

The second is to bring up the historical reality of the Gospel. There were hundreds of people (still alive at that point) who could truthfully attest to the fact that they physically saw Jesus resurrected from the dead. Paul was one of them.

They couldn’t scientifically explain it, but they also couldn’t explain away what they saw.

The third is the presence of the church and the power with which they were serving God. The sign gifts were huge evidence of the legitimacy of the resurrection.

And lastly, Paul’s very life. The fact that he was even an apostle at all is evidence to the truth of this miraculous event. 

And Paul gives all credit to God. Man can’t take credit for the resurrection, the Gospel, or the church. It’s all about Him!

By God’s grace we’ve experienced this reality. It’s only by the same grace that we can be empowered to share this message with others. 

Pull from that grace and power today by humbly walking in faith and trusting God by doing what He says.


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