1 Corinthians 15:12-19 

(1 Corinthians 15:12-19) – “If Christ has not been raised…your faith is in vain.”

The resurrection is ridiculously important! Here Paul continues his exposition on the theological legitimacy and historical reality of the resurrection.

Some wanted to do away with the idea of the future resurrection of believers while maintaining the resurrection of Christ. But it’s all or nothing.

If there is no resurrection, then not even Jesus can be raised. And if He isn’t resurrected, our faith means nothing.

Why? Why does our faith become meaningless without the resurrection?

If Jesus isn’t raised, then He doesn’t have victory over sin and death…death was too much for him. Therefore, we are conquered by both too. He was our best shot at deliverance.

If Jesus isn’t raised, then we are serving a dead Savior. Eternally, his death would hold no weight in regards to reconciliation and forgiveness of sins.

To be saved eternally, we must be saved by an eternal person. And if Jesus doesn’t rise from the dead, he’s still dead (and therefore not living) and thus is not an eternal savior.

If Jesus isn’t raised, that means God didn’t accept His sacrifice for us, which means we aren’t forgiven.

If Jesus isn’t raised, then God is a liar because He said Jesus WAS raised. If God is a liar, He’s not perfect, and therefore can’t offer forgiveness from sin (because he needs it Himself).

If Christ isn’t raised, every believer who had died to that point is gone forever. There would be no hope of being raised later.

And finally, If Christ isn’t raised, then we are sacrificing and giving for absolutely no reason (there would be no eternal reward). It would be better to just do whatever feels good and live it up while we’re here.

The point is, it’s a big deal. We can’t just pick doctrines that we don’t like and throw them away without also experiencing the consequences.

Let us celebrate the fact that Jesus HAS been raised. Because He has been raised, we have life, forgiveness, rewards, hope, grace, and purpose. Wow!


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