1 Corinthians 15:20-28

(1 Corinthians 15:20-28) – Christ HAS been raised.

All the theological hypotheticals are useless when you realize the reality of the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He is referred to as the first fruits (v20). What exactly does that mean?

In literal terms, the first fruits were the first and best of the crops produced by the land. 

In the law, they were instructed to be given to the Lord as an acknowledgment of His abundant blessing and as an act of faith that God would bring the same blessing to the crops throughout the rest of their land.

In this verse, the term is being used metaphorically, deeming Christ to be the Preeminent One, as well as indicating that He is the first of a much larger group that will follow to do the same thing, which in this case is rise from the dead.

He is also the second Adam, whose one act brought about an effectual result upon all who would come after him.

Adam’s act of disobedience brought the consequences of his disobedience upon all who are in Adam (i.e. All human beings). This consequence is death. 

Christ’s act of obedience and power in the resurrection brought the consequences of His obedience upon all who are in Christ (i.e. All Christians). This consequence is future resurrection.

Think about it, because Christ HAS been raised from the dead, your future resurrection is guaranteed!

That means we have guaranteed hope which cannot disappoint. We will live forever! Christ’s resurrection proves it!

If then we have this guarantee of forever life, how shall we steward the life we have now?


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