1 Corinthians 15:39-50

(1 Corinthians 15:39-50) – We aren’t what we will be.

This is a great message of hope. We will not be stuck forever in our fallen state.

There will be a day soon to come when every facet of our self (body and spirit) will be made new and perfected for eternity.

This is an incredible act of redemption from God; that we sinful people could receive a great and glorious gift such as the one we will receive one day.

Just as we have been given a body like Adam’s as we are in Adam, we will be given a body like Christ’s as we are in Christ.

This body will reflect all of the glory of Christ, his work of splendor and majesty in trophies of grace like us.

We will not be God, but He will gift us with a body like that of the Son of God.

This is total grace.

It is impossible for a perishable body to eternally exist amongst the imperishable qualities of the kingdom of God.

He will not lower His standards, but instead will raise us up to perfection and glory that we may inhabit the kingdom of God forever.

We have this treasure in earthen vessels. Make the most of the adventure you’ve been given on Earth. Your seed is about to sprout to new life and can NEVER go back to what it once was.


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