1 Corinthians 15:51-58

(1 Corinthians 15:51-58) – Oh Victory in Jesus!

There is a deep assurance for the Christian that their greatest enemies will come to ruin one day.

This deep assurance is guaranteed because of the victory of Christ in the resurrection. His defeat of sin and death finalizes forever after our own resurrection.

Not only has He already rendered their powers useless over us, He will delete their presence from existence, removing the possibility of another fall.

These realities MUST affect how we operate in our present-day lives.

When victory is guaranteed, boldness and confidence increase.

Because of the story of victory that belongs to us in Jesus, we must not quit. We must not move from our mission.

You wouldn’t quit in a sports game if you KNEW you would win in the end. You wouldn’t quit if you KNEW 100%.

Not only would you not quit, but you would enjoy every moment. There should be nothing that could discourage you because you had no possibility of losing.

You would thrive, or “abound” in your work. This is the call for the Christian. 

As we abide in the victory of Christ, bountiful fruit will come.

Friend, don’t get discouraged. God has guaranteed that He will finish what He started.


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