1 Corinthians 16:1-12

(1 Corinthians 16:1-12) – Directions and Plans

One of the things I appreciate about Paul is that he always ends his letters on a personal note.

After chapters full of theological instruction, he moves towards some miscellaneous practical steps that the church needs to take.

In addition to that, he makes sure to share some personal plans that he has in the coming seasons of his ministry.

A big part of leadership is transparency and sharing your life. It’s a important aspect of love to inform those you’re leading.

If they don’t know where you’re going, they may not know where they’re going. People need good leadership.

You can sense how Paul deals with balancing his desires with the sovereignty of God. He’s not shy about what he’d like to do, but he has an awareness that God’s plan may be different.

The key is always being open to submit your will to God’s will.

He also makes sure to show that his disciples meant a lot to him. He spends a good amount of time trying to guarantee that those close to him were well taken care of.

Good leaders take care of their people, and they anticipate needs.

Paul displays the heart of Christ in these matters, and we would do well to imitate his example.

What’s one aspect of Paul’s leadership that sticks out to you here? What’s something you could glean from seeing his example?


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