1 Thessalonians 2:1-8

(1 Thessalonians 2:1-8) – Powerful and exemplary ministry

Paul’s personal thoughts about this church have shifted here to sharing a bit of the background of his ministry.

This serves as a reminder and explanation of what he did and what he’s all about.

You can see several things about Paul here that serve as great examples for what ministry should look like.

His ministry was characterized by purity. He shared the Gospel in the midst of hardship, a true revealing point for his motives. It became proven that he was serving for the Lord Jesus alone.

Ministry must be primarily motivated by the glory of Christ, not the glory of self.

His ministry was simple. He loved God and he loved the people.

Paul wasn’t trying to impress this group so as to make his name great, he wanted to present Jesus for who He is (which is eternally impressive) and make HIS name great.

He sacrificed his “rights” as an apostle to serve the people. He didn’t demand what he could’ve, but rather gave all he had for their sake.

Ministry wasn’t just his job, it was something he loved doing.

These people weren’t projects to Paul. He genuinely loved them and wanted to care for them well.

All these things and more are what pure, powerful and exemplary ministry MUST look like.

If you’re in it for you, stop and repent from building the temporary and unworthy kingdom of self.

Take inventory of your own ministry (because everyone has one). Do these things match your heart and your practice?

God wants me to live like He lived, love like He loved, and serve like He served.


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