1 Thessalonians 5:1-8

(1 Thessalonians 5:1-8) – “Let us be sober…”

As Paul begins to close this letter, there is a refocusing on life as a response to truth related to end times.

And once again, as we see in many of Paul’s writings, his appeal is to the believer’s identity in Christ.

It’s a “who-I-am-compels-what-I-do” thought process.

The beginning of this actually comes at the end of this section. It’s reminiscent of Ephesians 6 and the description of the Armor of God.

Before there is ever to be a pursuit of sober-minded-thinking, there is to be faith; specifically, faith in the promises of God and His work for us.

Then, there is to be love; love as an expression of the faith described above (Gal. 5:6).

Then, there is to be hope; hope towards the salvation of Christ to come, the completion of our redemption where Christ brings us to the fullness of His grace. Perfection.

Faith. Hope. Love.

And even before these things are true, one must receive the initial light of regeneration. They must be converted from darkness to light before the morality of “light” life is exhorted.

It is this transformation that opens the heart of that individual to the reality of the urgency and caution with which we must live. 

The only time you’re surprised that you run into something is when you’re blind to that thing.

OR…(as my wife just reminded me), you could also not be expecting that thing to run into YOU! And for many believers, that’s exactly what will happen.

So…expect it!! The end is near!!! Aahhhhhh!!!! 😋

Don’t be blind, and don’t live like you’re blind either…..


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