2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-12) – Your Word endures forever!

Time elapsed does not erode the truth of God’s word. Just because it’s been a while since God has said something doesn’t make it any less true.

New teachings and writings will be given, but none of those things should discourage or disturb us as believers from believing in the truth of God’s word.

Man’s word is temporal, God’s word is eternal.

This is what Paul wanted the Thessalonians to remember in their present situation. Lies were being perpetuated throughout the body of Christ and it was creating fear in their hearts.

Paul reminds them of the truth he shared while present with them to comfort and correct those things.

Before the ultimate judgment of God, a few things needed to take place.

Side note, it seems pretty obvious to me here that this church did not expect to go through the day of the Lord tribulation period. They expected to be removed based on the truths Paul was teaching.

Much debate and discussion is had as to the exact nature of these events/happenings, but a couple things are very clear…

1. Things don’t happen without God’s say-so. When He wants it to be the time, it will happen, and not a moment sooner.

2. Satan is under God’s sovereign hand.

3. When Satan does finally rise to power and do almost all that he desires on planet earth (by God’s allowance), God will have no trouble defeating him (I mean for goodness sake…He beats Satan by breathing on him?!?!?)

4. This time period of judgment will be the worst in human history. It will be a terrible time to be alive.

Paul wanted the church to be informed about these things. It’s important for Christians to know what they believe and why they believe it.

It’s great to be God’s kid. When the time comes for Him to enact His justice and wrath on the world, I’m thankful to be on His side.

Let’s bring as many people with us as we can!


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