Lamentations 1:1-11

(Lamentations 1:1-11) – “…she took no thought of her future…”

Lamentations, a book of mourning written by Jeremiah the prophet during a time a intense tribulation.

Israel was in the midst of being overtaken by the nation of Babylon, and Jeremiah reflects on the emotions he (and many in Israel) were experiencing. His poetic language is very powerful.

What sticks out to me is this: Israel had been sinning profusely for a very long time. They had been given many warnings from several prophets speaking from God…

But in the middle of sinning profusely, they were not thinking about what their actions would produce in the future.

They were only thinking about what made them feel good in the moment. They followed their pleasures and pushed God away.

And they didn’t take into consideration what that would do to them going forward.

To our flesh, sin seems great in the moment, but it is indeed a monster disguised as a friend.

If only they would have heeded the warnings! If only they would have listened to the voice of God.

God doesn’t want to take life from us, He wants to give life. Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy.

Thinking with an eternal perspective really helps us to put sin in its proper light. It removes the illusion that sin satisfies and gives us what our hearts are longing for.

The state of Israel at this moment in their history is also a picture of the state of every human heart that is disconnected from God.

Come to the Lord and find life! Running from Him will do no good for us.


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