Lamentations 2:11-22

(Lamentations 2:11-22) – Godly grief, sanctified sorrow

There are some things that should absolutely break our hearts, things that should evoke strong emotions of sadness.

Jeremiah’s grief and sorrow over the city of Jerusalem, as described in this passage, is a primary example of what this looks like.

I think about the hardness of heart that the obstinance of the people could have created in Jeremiah. It would have been understandable to have him feel somewhat calloused to what was happening.

He’d given warning after warning, and yet no one listened. They continued in their sinful ways.

And now, the people were paying the price for it. God was keeping His word and bringing judgment upon the people of Israel through a foreign nation.

But the whole situation still bothered him terribly. He still feels deeply about seeing God’s people in such a desperate situation.

How do you keep from getting calloused? How do you stay away from being apathetic to tragedy?

I think the simple answer is that we must stay connected to the heart of God. We continually draw near to Him and beg Him to help us see things as He does.

And that brings us to a place of deep emotional complexity. In one sense, you know that this judgment is deserved. But even with that being the case, the situation remains a tragedy.

I guess my main point in saying all of this is that I want to mirror Jeremiah in sharing the heart of God.


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