Lamentations 4

(Lamentations 4) – “You reap what you sow.”

There is a negative result that must be expected when repeatedly doing something of a negative nature. If you repeatedly poke a tiger with a stick, there is a good chance that the tiger will eat you in response…

Israel had repeatedly sinned against the Lord, and God had given them several warnings and cautions in hopes of pursuing redemption, forgiveness, and repentance.

God’s warnings were not like the growls of an angry tiger though, but like the pleas of a concerned father.

His love leads Him to woo and win over the hearts of His people. This is so that they may trust him and walk in obedience because of love, instead of duty, obligation, or unhealthy fear.

And yet, even with His impassioned admonitions to them, even with His mighty displays of loyalty and power, they refused to listen and obey.

And look how lost their sin has made them. This is such a sad chapter to read…

When we are tempted to sin, we are being enticed with a pop-tart while a 5-star buffet is available to us. As C.S. Lewis once said, “We are far too easily pleased.”

When we’ve displayed that our hearts are so determined to seek sin and desire nothing else, God will be gracious and give us over to those desires.

He will give us what we want because He loves us enough not to force us to love Him back.

And when we get all that we want, we will realize that what we wanted was dangerous and destructive to us. We pushed away a fluffy king-size bed to hug a cactus.

There are those who say to God, “Your will be done.” And those to whom God will say, “your will be done.”

I pray we never get to that point, because a life away from God is no life at all.


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