Lamentations 5:15-22

(Lamentations 5:15-22) – “But You, O Lord, reign forever…”

Jeremiah’s comment here, I think, indicates a deep understanding and trust in the sovereignty of God.

God is the One who causes both the rise and fall of nations. Just because Israel is the one who is falling doesn’t mean His plan is failing.

God’s eternal purposes are not dictated by the choices of man. His “forever-decisions” are fixed and predestined as so many Scriptures indicate to us.

One could think that the demise of Israel also meant the demise of the kingdom of God. This would be the case IF the success of God’s kingdom was reliant upon man’s obedience…

But it’s not.

God is in charge forever regardless of how man responds to Him. While Israel’s prominence may ebb and flow based on their faithfulness, God’s Kingship will forever be fixed and endure throughout eternity.

Aren’t you glad that God is not being let down by your failures? We can’t let Him down because we aren’t holding Him up!

We have security knowing that God is exactly who He says He is. Even when our lives are a mess, God is faithful.

And so we can pray, as Jeremiah did, for restoration and redemption. We ask for help to repent and return to the ways of God, that we may be ushered into blessing.

God’s arm is not so short that it cannot save…


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