1 Timothy 1:1-11

(1 Timothy 1:1-11) – A loving letter to a true child in the faith.

Paul, nearing the end of his ministry, desires to equip Timothy with some direction as he is beginning the ministry God had called him to.

This is known as a “pastoral” letter. It shows Timothy some specific things about life in the local church that will be helpful for him as he moves forward as a Pastor.

In a sense, this letter is a part of the passing of the torch from Paul to Timothy.

You can see how highly Paul valued the role that Timothy was playing in the Ephesian church. He knew that a Pastor’s leadership was invaluable to the success of the ministry there. (3-4)

Timothy needed to know the truth well so that he could encourage others in that truth and help his people stay away from the lies of the enemy.

Verse 5 is hugely important. The whole reason the church and its leaders teach the word of God is to see love coming from a sincere faith, a good conscience, and a pure heart.

It’s not to control or manipulate the people. It’s to usher them into the blessings of obedience.

We teach God’s word faithfully so that as others hear it, they may believe God and walk in His ways. In so doing, the world will see Jesus and be drawn to Him.

Anytime someone mishandles the word or ignores the word, it leads to disobedience and distrust, which produces cultures antithetical to the Gospel and God’s ways. (6-7)

Paul wanted Timothy to be a Pastor who used God’s word faithfully. He wanted Him to handle it the right way. (8)

The law of God doesn’t give people righteousness, it reveals righteousness.

It doesn’t take away sin, it reveals sin as we stand in the light of God’s perfection.

It doesn’t give the “just” a reason to boast, it reveals that no one is just (right) before God. It shows that EVERYONE needs a savior. (9-11)

The law serves to lead us to the Gospel, to show us how needy we are and bring us to humble submission to Jesus.

I pray that God will help me be this type of leader for those He entrusts to me. My hope each day as I write these is to be faithful to His word and bring to light things that will be helpful for God’s people.

I hope it’s doing that for you!


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