1 Timothy 2:1-7

(1 Timothy 2:1-7) – Prayers prominence in the Pastor’s practice.

Paul’s urging towards prayer is well received I think. He has modeled this discipline faithfully to his disciples.

Remember that this letter is instructional in nature, specifically for Timothy as he ministers in the local church.

Prayer is to be a high priority! And there is to be no favorites or discrimination when considering who to pray for.

We pray for enemies, friends, leaders, family, murderers, evil dictators, terrorists, rapists, politicians, teachers, law enforcement, spouses, children, and colleagues.

We pray for all people. We are to live a life that is constantly bringing others before God’s throne of grace and mercy.

The reason? Because we have an infinitely intimate relationship with the ONLY ONE who is sovereign and in control. We know the ONLY savior.

Part of our stewardship as Christians is to do for others what they can’t and won’t do for themselves in prayer.

Just as the high priest was to go before God on behalf of those who couldn’t, we are to do the same as a kingdom of priests unto God.

We are meant to live like Jesus, and Jesus makes continual intercession for us. Shouldn’t we do the same for others?

And not only that, but we are called to proclaim the good news of our salvation and invite others into this same intimate relationship with God.

All who will come can be saved. The Father will not reject ANY who come to Him in humble faith.


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