1 Timothy 2:8-15

(1 Timothy 2:8-15) – Order for the church

Paul knows that the church must have leadership and guidance. It’s not good for the people of God to have no idea what they’re doing.

So Paul gives Timothy some insight into what the orderly church should look like…What should be happening and what shouldn’t be happening.

These things are meant not only to help avoid chaos, but also to increase the joy of God’s people by honoring God how He (God) sees fit.

There are directions for men, women, pastors, young people, the elderly, parents, etc…

In this section, Paul mentions that the men should be men of prayer, instead of being fighters and debaters. There must be men who commune with God regularly.

Paul also mentions that the women should give greater concern to the beauty of their hearts rather than the beauty of their bodies. 

It’s not that they can’t look beautiful, but they should be careful to prioritize the pursuit of their inner and outer beauty correctly.

Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Are we trying to please men or God?

Remember that these instructions are in the context of orderly local church gatherings.

God’s heart is for men to provide leadership. If they don’t, the women will always step up, and God knows that…

Isn’t it interesting how God tends to ask us to do the thing that doesn’t come easy to us? It requires us to trust him.

God created man first, and woman out of his side. Man was meant to be a loving leader in the contexts God gave him authority in, not an authoritative dictator.

The reason He doesn’t want women to teach men in church is because there is an authority attached to the proclamation and revealing of God’s word, and that authority was given to men as the leaders in that area.

This is evidenced in the created order, and in the fact that God held Adam responsible for sin even though Eve sinned before he did.

And the Lord knows that this will make some woman upset. Anytime we’re told we can’t do something, we don’t like it.

But maybe God says no in one area so that we can experience joy in another.

It seems here that Paul is saying that there are some key things that women wouldn’t be able to do because of God’s design and because of the fall…but part of the redemption of those things would come through the joys of mothering.

I can’t control what God says, but I can definitely control how I respond to what He says. If I don’t trust God, of course I’ll be upset about some things I find in scripture…

But if I trust Him…I’ll obey even when it’s hard or doesn’t make sense.

I think that’s what God wants everyone to do.


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