1 Timothy 3:1-7

(1 Timothy 3:1-7) – A Worthy Desire

It’s good for God’s people to share God’s heart. To want to take care of hungry (and sometimes helpless) sheep shows that a work of God has taken place.

The work of a pastor is often thankless. It is often undervalued. It is often over-criticized. It is sometimes lonely.

But it is very rewarding…and the reward is only of value to you if your desires are aligned with God’s.

But desire isn’t enough. There must also be an accompanying evidence of character attached to the person who desires to serve as a pastor.

Again, this is meant not only to help avoid chaos, but also to increase the joy of God’s people by giving them a shepherd who looks and acts like Jesus in many ways.

God’s shepherds should be pure without question. How can they be trusted with the big things if they can’t be trusted with the little things?

They should be men of marital commitment and loyalty. If they can’t stick with their wife when things are hard, they won’t with the church either. 

They should be men who are in control of their spirit. If they are tossed by their own emotions, how can they handle outside forces seeking to throw them off?

They should be men who are respectable. It’s hard to follow someone you don’t take seriously.

They should take care of their family. If they won’t lead faithfully there, they won’t in the church either.

They should be able to communicate God’s word in a way that makes sense to people. It’s tough to lead people to God if you can’t tell them what He’s said or what He wants them to do.

They should be experienced in their faith. You would never entrust your life on a plane to someone who just started flying yesterday.

All these things are given out of God’s infinite wisdom and knowledge. They aren’t arbitrarily chosen for nothing.

I’m striving to walk in these things, because if this is how God wants His leaders to be, there must be great joy in it.

Strive for godliness in all areas. God wants us all to be leaders…His leaders.


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