1 Timothy 3:8-16

(1 Timothy 3:8-16) – A standard for all.

It is often said that leaders are held to a higher standard, something the Bible does teach in James 3:1.

But this does not mean that every other believer is able to be stagnant in their walks with Jesus. The call for everyone is to walk like Him.

The word “deacon” is simply the word “servant” and refers to a leader in a ministry area in the church. This could be a multitude of different things.

You’ll notice that the qualifications for this group are almost identical to that of the pastor. The only difference is the “able to teach” one is removed for the deacon.

There is so much wisdom in making sure that those leading the efforts of ministry in the church are of this caliber.

It sets the bar high for everyone around them, and creates a culture of godliness that’s contagious and infectious.

It encourages others in the church to follow their example, and pushes the entire body forward towards Jesus.

If you have strong leadership, the rest of the body is apt to follow that lead. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

I think we’re all called to be leaders, especially the type being described here. 


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