1 Timothy 6:1-8

(1 Timothy 6:1-8) – Godliness and my masters.

Grace profoundly changes the way that I fundamentally interact with others. Whether it’s an unbeliever or a brother, God’s transformative work should shape how I see them.

The slaves that Paul is referencing are more like modern-day employees. Half of the population in the Roman Empire consisted of “slaves.”

They were allowed to own property and have possessions of their own. They had a more dignified status in society than slaves of the colonial context.

Paul’s encouragement is for them to see their work for unbelievers as a mission field. The way that their master perceives God could be determined by the work of their Christian slave.

For believers, they were to see their work as encouragement to the body. They were not to take advantage of them just because they were brothers.

You go above and beyond for family.

In addition to this, Paul has some strong words for people who have a love for arguments.

Godliness produces a heart that desires to see another person come to Jesus. It’s not about being right or seeming wise and intelligent.

Wisdom and love produce humility, and cause us to interact with others on that basis, knowing that arguments don’t often win souls.

If you win an argument but lose the person, what is that?? It’s nothing of eternal significance…it’s better to be shamed or derided but display grace in the midst.

Godliness produces contentment as well, being thankful for how God provides for my needs, and understanding that everything is grace.

Summary? Be a faithful worker, don’t be an argumentative jerk, and just love Jesus for Jesus.


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