1 Timothy 6:17-21

(1 Timothy 6:17-21) – Instructions to the wealthy.

God just gave the admonition to be wary of seeking after riches. He knows that love for money leads to many problems.

But money is not inherently evil. God doesn’t think it’s bad for us to have wealth and possessions.

Many of the Lord’s followers over history have been blessed with more money than I’ll ever see in 3 lifetimes.

Just as many have also been very poor.

But all things comes back to the Gospel. Paul wanted Pastor Timothy to encourage those in his church with great wealth to leverage their resources for the sake of the Gospel.

It could’ve been easy to trust in their plentiful resources to provide for their needs every day. But because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, trust should not be placed in something as uncertain as riches.

When a rich person properly leverages their wealth for the Lord’s work, they are ready and willing to take care of those in need and to do good works frequently.

In so doing, they are making a wise investment in eternity. They store up treasures in heaven by living faithfully to God’s command…something that will truly fulfill them in this life.

We shouldn’t find our identity in our circumstances. Being a person of earthly wealth is not the most important thing about an individual. It doesn’t fulfill their souls either.

Whatever your financial status, leverage everything for God’s sake, for there will you find true life and richness in joy.


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