Acts 1:12-26

(Acts 1:12-26) – What do I do while I’m waiting on the Lord?

Seems like a silly question because “waiting” is technically the thing that you should be doing…but what does waiting on the Lord look like?

The Apostles knew their next move: go to Jerusalem and wait for God to act on the promise made earlier regarding the Holy Spirit.

I see 3 main things in this passage that help shape what waiting on the Lord should look like.

1. Pray (v.14). It’s critical while waiting to maintain communication with the One you’re waiting for. It keeps your heart in tune with God’s heart and protects against dangerous lies that the enemy desires to throw in during the waiting period.

You can never go wrong talking to Jesus.

2. Get on the same page with God’s people (v.14). Unity is critical. God often wants us to wait on Him in community, not in isolation. We get encouragement from other believers and exhortation to stay strong.

We’re much stronger together.

3. Act on the promises you’ve already been given (v.15-26). This is arguably the most important part of this. We can’t get direction from the Lord in the future if we’re not being obedient in the present.

Peter rallies everyone together and they prayerfully choose an Apostle to replace Judas Iscariot.

It’s probable that they were anticipating the Jewish Kingdom with the coming of the Holy Spirit. With the promise from Christ to extend authority over the 12 tribes, it’s logical for them to see the necessity of a 12th Apostle.

Some have noted that they should’ve waited for God to work in Paul’s life and make him the 12th Apostle, but there’s no way they could’ve anticipated such a drastic transformation in a man who hated Christians.

They acted on what they knew to do with the knowledge they had, and I believe that it was pleasing to the Lord.

So pray, get together with God’s people, and do what you know to do. Do all this WHILE you wait!


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