Acts 2:14-21

(Acts 2:14-21) – Always be ready

Because Peter had studied the Scripture, because he’d become acquainted with the story of God, because he was controlled by the Spirit of God…he spoke up.

Peter had several moments where his mouth got him in trouble, but this time he allowed himself to be used by God.

It could’ve been confusing for him and the disciples as they were thinking about the reason why they were waiting, but this moment clears all that up.

God brought the ministry to them. He orchestrated these events in such a way that made it easy for ministry to happen. He just needed a willing servant to say yes when they were asked to step up

Peter did that.

For the people listening and watching, he gave meaning to what they were seeing. He helped them understand where these events fit in the overall plan of God.

None of this was accidental. It was planned by God to happen this way. And just like the people of Israel had to decide what they would do with the testimony of the 12 spies in Canaan, these Israelites were in a moment of decision as well.

If they listened to God’s servants, they would step into great blessing and enjoy the promises of God. If they didn’t, they would forfeit an opportunity to be blessed and then walked around in the wilderness.

In this case, that blessing was the Jewish Kingdom…that wilderness was spiritual in nature.

My main thought today is to always be ready to share. You never know when the Lord might give you a chance to change someone’s life.


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