Acts 2:22-47

(Acts 2:22-47) – “And there were added that day about 3000 souls.”

There won’t be decisions for salvation EVERY time you share, but there will never be a decision for salvation if you don’t share at all.

God was obviously working here, and the movement of the church was beginning rapidly!

The people heard God’s plan of salvation and knew that it had implications for their lives. They couldn’t collide with God’s word and walk away unchanged.

And God’s servant (Peter, in this case) gave direction to their conviction. When God is calling, the appropriate response is to answer and obey.

And in this case, that meant turning away from sin and turning to God in humble surrender for salvation.

It also meant associating completely with the new family in Christ they now had. So much of what he church is meant to be is listed in vs. 42-47.

Together, as God’s people, we partner as one, we share, we give, we worship, we grow, and we serve.

A church that lives this way is powerful and can see God work in amazing ways! And it starts with me as an individual!


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