Acts 3

(Acts 3) – Giving meaning to the miracle.

Immediately following the miraculous healing of a man who was lame, a large crowd gathers around Peter and John in amazement.

Peter had gotten many things wrong before, but what he does next was very right of him to do.

He gives meaning to the miracle. I don’t mean that his words created its significance, because it was significant even if no words were spoken.

His words revealed the significance of the action to the people listening. They wouldn’t have known why this happened unless Peter shared.

How will they hear unless someone tells them?

So he proceeds to share about the power of Jesus and the Gospel message. This is why God empowers His servants as He does.

The hope for us is that as God works through us, the world will watch and look for explanations for what is happening. Then, God’s people are ready with His message and share boldly so that people’s lives can be changed.

If we’re not ready and equipped, we’ll miss valuable opportunities to sow seed on fertile hearts.

“Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!”


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