Acts 4:1-22

(Acts 4:1-22) – “For we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

This is one of my favorite passages in the NT. It represents what the filling of the Spirit looks like in the life of a believer.

They faithfully preached the gospel and saw fruit from the Lord in the form of thousands of responses.

When asked to explain how they had done what they did, they point it back to Jesus. They take no credit for themselves, realizing that they had been empowered by God to do the miracle.

Our life should be different from the world. When others ask why our life is different, we should attribute it all back to God’s gracious work in our lives.

We show the Gospel with our actions, AND share the Gospel with our words.

Peter and John were recognized as being men who’d been with Jesus. Just as Israel knew that Moses had been with God by the effect it had on the appearance of his face, the people around Peter and John knew that they had been with Jesus by the effect it had on their lives.

The evidence was so overwhelmingly obvious that they couldn’t deny it. Even with that, they chose to willingly suppress the truth and chose to believe in their lies.

Peter and John were not swayed by human threats. They knew that they had incomparable good news, and they couldn’t hold it in.

If we hold in good news, it may be that we don’t believe it’s that good at all.

I am encouraged to be bold after reading this passage. I am encouraged to be like Jesus. I am encouraged to live radically with a perspective like Paul’s…to live is Christ, to die is gain.


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