Acts 4:23-37

(Acts 4:23-37) – O Sovereign Lord

Prayer in response to a threat. I love this. The need and care is immediately taken to the Lord.

Here’s some things that stick to me about this prayer.

Recognizing God as Creator emphasizes their belief that no one is bigger than God. Everyone and everything is subject and accountable to the God of the Bible.

They point back to prophetic scripture. Praying the word of God helps us stay in line with the heart of God.

They recount the most recent event of suffering (the cross), and remember that God was working through that suffering. Seeing how God had worked in the past can give us courage and hope in the present.

They pray for courage instead of revenge. They ask for boldness instead of wrath. They know that they’re carrying good news, and lost people need to hear it no matter what it costs them.

And how does God respond to such a prayer? He answers with a powerful YES and equips them to powerfully continue!

Let’s pray this way, and live like this early church!


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