Acts 5:1-11

(Acts 5:1-11) – Lying to the Holy Spirit

Apparently Ananias and Sapphira had joined in with the rest of the believers and committed to give the proceeds from the sale of their property to the community of Christians.

This husband and wife couple also apparently conspired together that they would only give a portion of the proceeds, and keep some for themselves.

The sin didn’t come in desiring to keep some of the money, it came in lying about what they were giving. They were giving off an impression that they were at a different place (spiritually speaking) than they really were.

Ever been there before?

As they should’ve known, we can’t hide things from God. That’s one of the deceptions of sin, making us think we’re getting away with something.

And the reason it was such a big deal is because of who they were sinning against.

“What” sin is committed is of importance, but “who” the sin is committed against is of greater importance.

– Lying to family = no legal consequence

– Lying to Supreme Court = huge legal consequence

– Lying to God = eternal consequence

Sin hurts people, and doesn’t lead to abundant life.

Examine yourself, don’t be hardened by sin, flee temptation, pursue holiness, live with integrity, be the same person in private that you are in public.


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