Acts 5:12-23

(Acts 5:12-23) – Man cannot paralyze by intimidation what God has purposed by sovereignty.

The early church was an explosive movement that made an immense, immediate impact. Huge crowds of people were genuinely turning to Christ for salvation.

It was a movement marked by divine power. The evidence that God was at work was undeniable.

And even though that was the case, and even though people looked at the Apostles with high esteem, many did not dare join.

Sometimes we love safety more than the Savior.

The same religious officials who killed Jesus because of jealousy put the Apostles in jail for the same reason. It was an attempt to intimidate them so that they wouldn’t preach anymore.

But no purpose of God can be thwarted by human manipulation.

God’s love overcomes. His desire that all would hear the good news of life in Jesus won’t be stopped because of the selfish actions of a few.

As long as we are on mission with God, we will see Him work wonders through us. We will get to take part in the life change of many.

Purpose today to live for God’s purposes. See what God can do through you!


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