Acts 5:24-32

(Acts 5:24-32) – We must obey God rather than men.

After learning that the Apostles had miraculously escaped from prison, the religious officials were deeply confused.

Think about it, if you thought you were doing God a favor by stopping these guys, and then it seemed like God was helping them, wouldn’t you be confused too?

It’s obvious that the fear of man ruled the lives of the religious “experts”. Even though they were convinced that they needed to stop the Apostles from preaching, they still allowed their fear of people’s opinions (and fear of being stoned) control them.

But the Apostles weren’t controlled by any man; they were slaves of God. That deep conviction compelled them to share with others regardless of the cost.

It made them bold, and sometimes even fearless. They knew that God was on their side.

And they weren’t obeying for fear of what God would do to them, they were obeying because they loved God and loved the people they were sharing with.

God has done so much for me, so I “must” obey him. It’s not a “must, or else” sort of thing…it’s a “must” because there’s no other logical response to His grace than total obedience.

It shows we trust Him.


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