Acts 5:33-42

(Acts 5:33-42) – They rejoiced…

Being obedient to the Lord made the religious leaders hate the Apostles. It goes to show that you can’t please everybody…

When you and I are seeking to obey the Lord, we won’t make everyone happy. We long to be loved, but must understand that there is a spiritual battle raging on that everyone is taking place in.

You can only be on 1 of 2 sides, God’s…or Satan’s.

When people submit their lives to Satan, whether knowingly or unknowingly, they will be in direct opposition to the purposes and desires of the Lord.

Here, a wise man named Gamaliel points out that opposing God will lead to failure. The only way to truly succeed is to be on God’s side.

Sometimes people claim to be on God’s side when they really aren’t. We must be diligent to deeply know the heart of God. If we do, we can do our best to sense when someone is or isn’t a true follower of Jesus.

Sometimes people are closer to God than they may think. God is obviously working in their lives, but they need a believer to come along and share the Gospel so that they may be saved. I pray that Gamaliel’s seemingly sensitive heart led to him being saved.

The Apostles response to being beaten has always intrigued me. They didn’t ask God “why me?” They didn’t question God’s goodness. They saw it as a blessing to be considered worthy to suffer alongside their Savior.

In a sense, it validated their relationships with Jesus. They looked enough like Him that enemies of Christ gave them the same treatment as Jesus.

People’s hatred of true Christians is ultimately evidence of their hatred of God. You can’t love God and hate His people.

I don’t long for suffering, but I long to be associated with my Jesus. Whatever comes as a result of that, let it be so!


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