Acts 7:1-43

(Acts 7:1-43) – The immutability of God and man.

Immutability is a fancy term to describe something that is unchanging.

We often hear about this for God, that he stays the same, but seldom do we hear about it for mankind.

Mankind stays the same. I do not mean this in the sense that we are unable to be transformed. I mean this in the sense that our basic human nature (apart from God) does not change.

Maybe it’s easier to say it this way: The same stuff people were struggling with back then is the same stuff we’re struggling with now. The same tendencies people had back then are the same tendencies we have now.

While the manifestation of those struggles and tendencies are surely different in many ways, the heart issues underlying those manifestations are exactly the same.

Stephen does a great job of highlighting the immutability of both God and man in his sermon. Here are some of the things I notice.

– God is a promise making and promise keeping God.

– His plan is bigger than me

– Our hearts are quick to make idols, and quick to forget.

– We wouldn’t know salvation even if it was staring us right in the face. We need God’s divine power to open our eyes.

– God does great things in ways that confuse the systems of this world.

– God’s love leads Him to pursue us, but if resisted long enough, it will also lead Him to give us over to what we want.

– Our sinful heart wants to kill us.

Stephen is on the right side of history. He knows that one day the very people who are going to reject God’s words will see how very wrong they were to do so.

We may fight it, but God is always right. And if we disagree with him, we will always be wrong.


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