Acts 8:14-40

(Acts 8:14-40) – Expansion of the Gospel!

Luke records a great description of how the good news about Jesus moved out from Jerusalem to the rest of the world.

This specific chapter provides a clear example of how the way in which worship happened was changing. The Jewish system of worship was moving out and the church was moving in.

People of all kinds of ethnicities were now able to worship the Lord without adhering to the Jewish law. The Church was to be a group of people from all nations.

This change would’ve been so drastic for the Jewish people, and as we’ll see later, many had a hard time with it. Putting the law away wasn’t something they had in mind.

Because this was a unique time of incredible overlap, some things were taking place in special ways.

The giving of the power of the Holy Spirit was specifically delegated to the Apostles. No one received the miraculous gifts of the Spirit apart from the personal ministry of an Apostle.

The main reason for this is that those miraculous gifts were given for the purpose of verifying the words of these Apostles. It showed that they were speaking the true words of God.

The Gospel spread like wildfire in Judea and Samaria and was about to explode to the far reaches of the world. God’s work was moving!

We need to be willing vessels like Philip. God wants to keep moving, and there are people ready to hear and respond all over the place.

We must be sensitive to God’s leading in our lives and go where he says to go. The amazing things we’ll see are unending!


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