Acts 9:1-9

(Acts 9:1-9) – I saw the Light!

So often I read Acts 9 like a movie where I know the plot too well.

Peter Parker’s transformation to Spider-Man doesn’t surprise you when you watch it unfold. The same is true for Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader or Harvey Dent to Two-face. 

Sometimes knowing the whole story means we don’t get excited about the parts that should excite us. We’re sometimes not crushed by the parts that should crush us.

Familiarity sometimes breeds apathy.

But put yourself in the characters’ position…in this case, Saul’s.

The life mission that he’d taken upon himself was to end Christianity. He was so convinced that it was a huge heretical lie that he invested all of his time to this cause.

That’s what we do when we’re convinced of something.

And then, in one moment, all of that comes crashing to the ground. He was completely and utterly wrong about Jesus.

Think of the shock that must’ve been consuming his soul…he thought he was serving God, when in reality he was persecuting the same God he was trying to serve.

Paul doesn’t eat or drink ANYTHING for three days. I think there’s a couple reasons for this.

1. He was so overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn’t even think about eating.

2. He was hurting so badly that he lost his appetite.

3. He was so thankful to have recieved grace that he committed this time of physical blindness to soaking in his spiritual sight.

A true encounter with Jesus changes everything. What was it like for you?


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