Acts 9:10-22

(Acts 9:10-22) – obeying even when it doesn’t make sense.

Ananias knew Paul’s history, and was reluctant to interact with him at first.

But God reiterated His plan for Saul to Ananias. He gave him the context of what was happening.

And even when Ananias didn’t have all the pieces, he chose to trust God and obey. I bet he was glad he did!

After all that Saul had done to the believers, Ananias extended the grace of Christ to him through gentle speech and loving care.

He even baptized him!

God pushes his servants to show His heart in situations where no one else will. It is tough sometimes to love like Jesus, but there are great rewards.

Saul/Paul’s response to God’s grace was immediate. He went right out and started preaching.

He couldn’t help but share about what had happened. We should be the same way!


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