Acts 9:32-43

(Acts 9:32-43) – The miracle of miracles

Luke continues to chronicle the incredible works being done through the Apostles. God wanted people to pay attention to what was happening.

The purpose of these miracles was to point to the validity of the words in their message. The end of the miracles was supposed to be the salvation of the people.

And that’s exactly what happens. When people saw the power of God working through these men, they knew that they needed to give their lives to the Lord.

And that is the greatest miracle of all.

What we see take place in the physical bodies of Aeneas and Tabitha is what happens in the souls of those who trust in Jesus. They receive healing and are raised to new life.

I want that for my friends, my neighbors, my community, and the world.

Go walk with God’s power and display the Spirit’s presence in your life. People will pay attention!


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