Acts 10:1-22

(Acts 10:1-22) – A true GOD thing.

Most times, we don’t get to see the things that God does behind the scenes to bring situations together, but this account shows that He is always working towards His mission, even when we don’t see it.

Couple things I notice from this passage…

– God knows whose hearts are ready. He is pursuing people with His love and is aware of who’s responding.

– God’s plan for people who have never heard the Gospel is that they would hear through a missionary. When someone responds positively to general revelation (creation, etc.), he sends a missionary to share specific revelation.

In this case, God sends the unsaved group to get Peter. How much easier of an opportunity could you ask for?

“Um, yes, excuse me, Peter?? The God who wants to save us showed us in a vision that we need to hear His message and He said that you’re the guy to bring it. Can you come to our place and share with everyone what God wants you to share?”


God wasn’t just doing this for Cornelius and his family, there was something in this for Peter as well.

As the one who had the keys to the Kingdom, Peter had been entrusted by Jesus with the mission of officially extending the Gospel beyond Jewish lines.

What was hard for Peter was the thought that the Jewish ceremonial laws were now obsolete. Just like Jesus declared all foods to be clean, He now declares all people to be clean as well. The idea is that everyone can respond to the Gospel without having to become Jewish.

God was working in Peter and Cornelius’ heart. His work is much deeper than I’ll be able to notice most times.

I’m taking this passage as a call to always be ready to share…you never know what God is cooking up!


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