Acts 12:1-11

(Acts 12:1-11) – Prayers were made fervently by the church of God.

Wicked King Herod didn’t like Christians at all. He took the Apostle James (Son of Zebedee) and put him to death.

His actions were strictly out of a desire to keep control.

What’s ironic is that this controlling man was under the control of others’ opinions. He did things to try to please others, and enslaved himself to those opinions.

Peter was living in a completely opposite mindset. He was fixed on the Lord’s mission and didn’t care about what others thought.

When Herod imprisons Peter, the people of God begin to passionately pray for him. Big things happen when God’s people get together to pray.

They couldn’t control what the government did. The church knew that the king was wicked, and so they did what they could to accomplish God’s will. They prayed!

Our first response needs to be prayer.

God is not hindered by the schemes of men. It doesn’t matter how many soldiers are there, they couldn’t keep Peter in prison, and they couldn’t keep Jesus in the tomb.

God answers prayer. He listens to His people, and He acts according to His will. Let’s get to praying that way!


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