Acts 12:12-25

(Acts 12:12-25) – Praying with expectancy

Yesterday I mentioned that when the church of God gathers and prays, big things happen.

God answers prayer!

But sometimes, we treat that reality as a spiritual theory rather than looking with real expectancy for God to actually do something.

Here, it’s a little bit funny in some senses…the people prayed for Peter (presumably for his release), and when it happened, they were shocked and didn’t believe it!

“God, please save Peter!”

***God saves Peter***

“Oh wow! No way! That’s crazy!

They may have been expecting God to do something, but not that quickly. They may have hoped for God to work, but didn’t think it’d happen that miraculously.

Maybe they didn’t want to look foolish asking something unrealistic of God.

Whatever the reason, this fact remains…We need to pray expecting God to work according to His will. We can make it an adventure trying to find the craziest “according-to-His-will” things to ask.

And when God works, we don’t need to say “I knew that would happen.” Realistically, we don’t know how God will answer prayer all the time.

We should simply be amazed at the Lord, not surprised….amazed.


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