Acts 13:1-25

(Acts 13:1-25) – The miraculous ministry of the mighty messengers of God.

Paul’s first missionary journey began with the clear call of God. The Holy Spirit had set him and his team apart for ministry.

This is a necessity for those in lifetime ministry. God’s work isn’t a joke, and you must be convinced that it’s what you’re supposed to do full-time.

The focus of their ministry was on the message. We tend to focus on the miracles, but Paul knew that the power of God unto salvation was contained in the words of truth that he had to share.

I’ve made this point a couple times before, but it should be re-emphasized that the goal of the miracles was to validate the message of the Apostles. It showed people that what they were saying was true.

You see this take place in verses 4-12…When they faced opposition, Paul spoke out in the Holy Spirit and caused a man to become blind for a period of time.

Because of this, many people turned to the Lord.

And while we don’t see some of the same miracles that Paul did, his ministry is not all that different.

He preached the Gospel, spent time with people, saw friends walk away from ministry, and had people reject him.

He didn’t use hard things as an excuse to stop serving. Neither should we.


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