Acts 13:42-52

(Acts 13:42-52) – Overcoming Opposition

Have you ever longed for the Word so much that you literally begged for it? These Gentiles did.

Something deep inside them had been touched; they were being filled in their souls.

As a result, they encouraged God’s servants to keep going. When you get the Word, encouragement to others is an essential overflow.

Not only that, but there is a compulsion to share the truths you’ve heard with those who haven’t heard. The whole city came to listen because people shared the good news.

Naturally, as God’s work moved forward, the enemy desired to put a stop to it. His first step was opposition by discouragement.

But discouragement was met with scripture. Paul and Barnabas rested in what God had called them to do and kept moving forward.

Satan will do all he can to try to slow us down. Love keeps us pressing onward.

Sometimes the opposition of the enemy will be subtle, and sometimes it will be blatant. In both cases, we trust the Lord to keep rescuing people from sin and to work through us as we are faithful.

We receive the Word with joy; we share the Word with joy; and we continue in the Word with joy.


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