Acts 15:1-29

(Acts 15:1-29) – The place of the Law.

Christians were having a theological discussion about the role that the law of Moses should have in the lives of the Gentile Believers.

It got intense. It was obvious that it was a discussion that was bigger than one church. This was something that needed to be answered by the leaders of the church at-large so that they could move forward together in unity.

A couple side notes here…debate isn’t bad, especially over important theological topics. It’s good to get wisdom from leaders on tough issues and take unity seriously in the church.

The believers knew that the law of Moses was critical to their lives as Jews, but what place did it have for those coming to Christ who weren’t Jewish?

Some thought that proselytizing was the answer, that someone couldn’t truly be saved without living like a Jew.

Others were considering the freedom found in Christ and put the law of Moses completely to the side.

So which was it?

Like many things in life, the answer isn’t always black and white. There’s some wisdom in both sides of many arguments that need to be considered when searching for a viable solution.

So here’s how it shakes out…it gets cleared up that the law of Moses contributes NOTHING to salvation, nor does any other law.

But, the law of Moses has always been valuable for guiding the lives of God’s people while they had it. It helped them worship God as He wanted them to.

So the leaders looked at a few things that would help the Gentile Christians be pure in their daily lives and not be a stumbling block to their transitioning Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ.

The law was given to make life better. It could never give life. It could only describe life.

It’s all about doing the thing that lets you best love God and your neighbor.


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