Acts 16

(Acts 16) – Doing as the Lord commands

Paul’s missionary team didn’t go somewhere unless God wanted them to go at that time. They were sensitive to the voice of God and went to the right spot to do His work.

God’s will isn’t primarily about geography, but when you’re locked in with God, He can be that specific with you.

I want to have the type of relationship with God where He can ask me to go anywhere and do anything, and I’ll listen, understand, and obey.

When we do have this type of relationship with the Father, we’ll see and experience things that can only be explained by divine intervention.

God had Lydia and this Jailer in mind when He told Paul “no” to those other places. Think about what that means for you when God says NO!

He’s not trying to withhold joy from us, He’s trying to increase our joy! He doesn’t want us to miss out on His gifts for us.

Think about that…obedience brings blessing.

I’m NOT saying that man’s obedience earns the divine favor of God, but I am saying that listening to the Father is a great idea for your life.


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