Acts 17:1-9

(Acts 17:1-9) – The two edged sword

It’s amazing how the same message can elicit such a drastic difference in responses between people.

Paul preaches faithfully, that is his job. That is all he is responsible for in the Gospel work. God saves, we preach.

We have to be okay knowing that some people will respond negatively, but this can’t dissuade us from sharing.

The lostness of souls should compel us to share regardless of the cost.

You can see how doing good sometimes puts people that we love in danger. That doesn’t mean we bow to the demands of sinful man.

It means we pray for wisdom in how to be obedient without also being reckless. Paul eventually left that area because it was becoming too dangerous for him and his friends to stay.

You never have to decide between two evils. There is always a way to honor God.

Sin creates some messy situations for people, but trust in the Lord helps to make the path straight.


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