Acts 17:10-21

(Acts 17:10-21) – His spirit was provoked.

Paul is again put on the move because of persecution. God was using it to spread the Gospel further and further around the world.

Seeds were planted by Paul and his team, and then God would move them on and allow others carry on the work. God’s plan in one location won’t always include us.

You can see throughout Paul’s ministry that he always wanted to travel with a team of God’s servants. He knew it wasn’t good to be alone.

In this scenario, God had him by himself for a little bit in Athens. Paul could’ve sat around and waited for his team to join, but he didn’t do that.

He was broken for the people in Athens. Upon seeing the depth of their lostness, he was compelled to act.

Here’s the point…even when circumstances aren’t ideal, the compulsion to obey Christ and love others moves us forward.

Are you ever provoked inside because of seeing people in their lostness? Does your heart break for people who don’t know Jesus?

It’s one thing to feel compassion for someone. It’s another thing to have that compassion move you to action!


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